İmge Okaygün

Selbstvertrauen Stress und Angst Arbeitsleistung Beziehungen Lifestyle Mindfulness

İmge is a psychologist at OpenUp. During your conversations, she finds it important that a non-judgmental and safe atmosphere is provided to be able to share sensitive subjects and challenges. In addition, she guides you to explore your needs to help gain a better understanding of yourself. With İmge, you will work together to raise awareness in terms of your needs, (mal)adaptive thoughts, and how you can implement changes to solve problems.

You can contact İmge if you experience complaints related to stress, anxiety, self-confidence, interpersonal relationships, or any other similar areas. İmge emphasizes that you can observe together any areas of improvement about your life and take a solution-oriented, and effective action plan. In your meetings, she will mainly use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness exercises. These will help you explore your thoughts, gain different perspectives, be compassionate towards yourself, and come up with more adaptive behavior strategies.

To take care of her mental health herself, she takes long walks, exercises, cooks new recipes, travels to new places, and socializes with others. To stay mindful or recognize positive aspects, she tries to do these activities regularly keeping in mind to be aware of her surroundings and her feelings.

İmge obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Leiden University. She has worked and provided psychological counseling in various settings such as NGOs and psychological counseling centers since 2019. She speaks both Turkish and English.

"How can you adopt realistic thoughts in your life and take concrete steps towards solution-focused, functional behavior strategies? I'll be happy to guide you in this!"