Judith Niekel

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Judith is a psychologist at OpenUp. Nothing surprises Judith: as an employee, manager, partner, mother or daughter, she has seen it all…ultimately, we’re all only human. It is quite normal for everyone to run into difficulties during their life and feel stuck. Is your glass half full or perhaps even almost empty? Judith is happy to help you find the tap so that you can always refill your glass whenever you like and need.

Judith offers a very safe haven to share and discuss your worries or concerns. She gives practical, no-nonsense solution-oriented advice, often with humour. When necessary, she doesn’t shy away from giving a loving provocative nudge if that gets you going. In addition, she is happy to help you discover your strengths and values, so that you can start integrate them in both your work and private life – so you can live and work to the full.

To maintain a good balance between body and mind, Judith exercises six times a week for an hour (padel, tennis, hiking) and does yoga. In addition, good, open conversations with family and close friends are very important to her.

Judith obtained her master’s degree in Lifespan Psychology at the Open University, which focuses on the entire life span of a person, including the ups and downs. She enjoys working with the Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), positive psychology and solution-oriented coaching. She has her own coaching practice in which she helps people and companies to work and live with more ease, sleep better and maintain their weight. She previously obtained a master’s degree in European Studies (European law, English, Spanish) from the University of Amsterdam. Judith has lived abroad and travelled a lot, which makes her very culturally sensitive. She also has over 30 years of work and life experience in various positions in the business community, including at a financial multinational.

Judith speaks Dutch and English.

"Life Is about 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of how you respond to it. It is my pleasure to help you reduce your response time by increasing your mental flexibility with practical and handy psychological tools you can use both in your work and private life!"